I was in born in New York City and raised outside of Washington, D.C. in Arlington, Virginia. After graduating from Amherst College with a BA in English and concentrations in French and philosophy, I served in the Peace Corps in Tunisia. Later I came to New York, where I have lived ever since.


For years I had sundry "day" jobs—cab driver, dishwasher, ESL teacher, salesman of old clothes and new sneakers— while I wrote. I also got involved in music, producing and performing new music with a band. Later. I earned an MA and taught English, writing, and interdisciplinary studies at various universities.


After teaching for over a decade, I became a copywriter and medical writer. 


Through my vicissitudes, writing has been a constant.  I have written articles, essays and commentaries, appearing in The Village VoiceNewsday,  

Albuquerque Journal, and Art Speak.  My poetry has been printed in Poetry Digest, the Literary Review,  Factions, and The Star, and was recently collected in a book, titled The Lost Poem and Others Like It (Hudson Heights Press, 2011)

I have published 5 books since 2011--two novels (Ad Nomad, Mad Nomad), two collections of essays (Making Up for Lost Time and All Over the Place) and a book of verse (The Lost Poem). My sixth book, a collection of essays, will be available in 2017.