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For 3 years I wrote and performed songs with several bands, all collectively known as "The Erotics." Our symbol was the eye of Ra, the Egyptian God of the sun, which was fitting since my surname is "Sonnenschein." 

With these various incarnations of "The Erotics," I produced 5 studio demos of my songs.  Some charts, like "Love for Mercy" and "Mary Jane" were done multiple times with different arrangements, but I have only saved 1 version of these on CD.

I could not have recorded this music and "kept the feeling alive" ( a line from "Mary Jane") without the collaboration of  brilliant and dedicated musicians, including Justin Scanlon (lead and rhythm guitar, bass, vocals), Robert Zekelman (guitar), Ralph Willis (bass), David West (drums), Tom Meyer (drums), Brian Lurie (guitar, vocals), David Kirkpatrick (bass), Walter (bass). The recordings on this website represent their work and artistry, as well as my own.

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