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        Published in Summer, 2017.

Sartre In the Subway, my third book of essays, continues in the vein of Making Up for Lost Time and All Over the Place, in evolving a unique discourse blending narrative, argument, reflection and observation.


Sartre In the Subway explores the link between existential philosophy and personal life—including work, family, aspirations and career. It is a hybrid of memoir, cultural anthropology and humorous commentary on living today. 


Though we may barely perceive its presence, existentialism, an influential movement of 20th century thought, is with us in the 21st. The pervasive emphasis on making choices, going for it, being all in and authenticity suggest that existentialism is a staple of our spiritual diet–ingrained in our culture.


Getting started and letting go; going home and abroad; looking forward and back while negotiating the here and now; confronting death and appreciating life; and the ultimate question—to live or die—are all intrinsic to Sartre in the Subway.

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