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Spontaneous Revolution:
The Lost Savior and the Bottomless Pit

In modern fiction, the most persuasive speculative narratives have been dystopias, set in dark, malevolent environments. They reinforce an ingrained suspicion that our place on Earth is tenuous and transient, even doomed. And regardless of how hard we try, we cannot improve our society or our lives.

While Spontaneous Revolution, my political science-fiction duology (two novel series), describes a utopia gone wrong like other dystopian novels, it also poses a potent, viable social response to the formulaic repression imposed upon the people in The Synchronized Society.

This repression of instincts results in brittle peace and the slow agonizing death of a civilization. A radical change is needed to resuscitate the society, but how can this occur when the two most powerful institutional forces stand against it?


This is the setting for Spontaneous Revolution, a sweeping epic in two novels. Yet, rather than a dark projection of a hopeless future, Spontaneous Revolution is a dystopia with elements of comedy, spectacle, community, camaraderie, machinations and violence that holds out the possibility of survival and renewal.

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